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The Accounting Process


Whether you are a first time client or have been working with me for years, each new accounting always begins with a discussion, either in person or over the phone, about your case.  Once I've been briefed, I will give you a list of everything needed in order to complete the accounting.

Gathering &
Organization of Documents

In order to properly prepare your accounting, I will need bank statements, check registers, investment statements and trade confirmations, final escrow settlement statement(s), as well as any pertinent court documents (Inventory & Appraisal, previous accountings prepared by others, etc).  No need to worry if your records are in less than stellar order, as I can organize even the most chaotic of files.

Preparation of the
Accounting Schedules

Once the initial phase of document gathering and asset identification is complete, I will prepare the first draft of the accounting.  This draft will clearly identify any transactions that require additional explanation or documentation.  Often times all questions and concerned are addressed with the first draft; other times we will need to go back & forth a few times until the accounting is ready for submittal.

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